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Upcoming and currently touring shows:

Boys Don’t

Tanaka is a currently performing in Boys Don’t, a touring production for ages 8-12 about boys and crying for Papertale Productions in partnership with Half Moon Theatre. Boys Don’t was livestreamed at the Brighton Festival and is available to view online.

Click here to view the livestream recording, and visit Half Moon Theatre’s site to see the show at one of its touring dates.

Has the power to reach those who often feel alienated from the arts scene.
(Live Theatre UK) ★★★★

“A poignant and very compelling piece of acting.”
(Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine)

Past Productions:

Here and Now

Directed by Law Ballard for Full Disclosure’s night ‘Xposed’, exploring LGBT+ narratives at the Southwark Playhouse. Here and Now follows a bisexual woman through the highs and lows of same sex dating.


This is How it Happens


Robert Thorpe-Woods as ‘Boy Blue’. Photograph by Kenneth Jay

‘This is is How it Happens’ is a semi autobiographical play about men recovering from sexual abuse. The play is available to be produced as a short monologue or full length piece for three actors and has received the following productions.

  • UNHEARD Festival, 2015 at the Bread and Roses Theatre, dir. Ella Marchment.
  • Clear Lines Festival 2015 at Iklektic, dir. Ella Marchment.
  • Bar Broadway (rehearsed reading), 2015 dir. Leo Mylonadis.
  • Keble College Arts Festival 2016, dir Ella Marchment.
  • Clear Lines Festival 2017, Rich Mix, dir. Tanaka Mhishi.

“Lyrical, beautiful but also honest, and ultimately, more about survival than abuse.”

Place to Be: The Canal

Tanaka’s short play ‘A Nice Girl Like You’ was performed by Jasmin Gleeson at the Rosemary Branch Theatre as part of Place to Be: the Canal. Directed by Henry C. Kempels and produced by Anima Theatre Company.


Shambala Festival

Tanaka performed a spoken word set Shambala Festival on Saturday 26th of August as part of Phantom Laundry.

From Here

Oi. Leave the soldiers out of it.

 Why should I?

You don’t know this but your grandad fought for this country for years. You don’t know the first thing about what it means to belong to this family, to belong here.

Who says I want to belong? She was your mother, isn’t that what you said?

As part of Goblin Baby Theatre’s night of responses to the Brexit and Trump phenomena, ‘From Here’ finds Greg and long lost half sister Sophia searching for their mother’s pearls before her funeral. He’s white, she’s not. He’s conservative, she’s not. He’s leave, she’s remain. But together they have to figure out what it means to be from here- and decide where exactly they’re going.


A short for the Vault Festival 2014. Directed by Martin Leonard.

Title image credit Johannes Dietschi, used under creative commons 2.0 license .