Creative Writing Workshops

I am a trained facilitator who has run writing/performing workshops for a wide variety of age groups with a particular emphasis on tackling difficult autobiographical subjects in ways which are healthy and sustainable. My experience encompasses work in schools, universities and the charity sector and uses a blend of techniques from drama, creating writing praxes and traditional facilitation.

I can support you with:

  • Overcoming a particular creative block or transition within your writing praxis.
  • Tackling difficult autobiographical subjects within your own writing.
  • Generating new creative solutions for structural/organisational impasses and conflicts.
  • Rediscovering your creativity.
  • Shepherding a particular writing project to completion.

Responding to the needs of particular individuals and cohorts is a core part of my workshop practice; since 2014 I have delivered workshops to:

  • Increase literacy skills and understanding of gender roles and mental health for ages 8-11 (in collaboration with Papertale Productions, Half Moon Theatre).
  • Nurture confidence in young carers and help them to reframe their experiences and skills as valuable and legitimate.
  • Help workers in the charity sector support and uplift the voices of people with lived experience in their campaigns for social change. (In collaboration with 4in10, On Road Media, Women for Refugee Women, Revolving Doors.)
  • Facilitate autobiographic writing in poetry, prose and script forms for undergraduate students (at the University of Brighton)
  • Support survivors of sexual abuse and violence in identifying avenues for growth and recovery, both in terms of their own self care and in relationship with institutions (with the Consent Collective at the University of Edinburgh).

Bespoke Writing Workshops:

My bespoke writing workshops are designed to meet your group’s confidence and ability where it is, channelling it in a direction which supports your organisation’s curriculum, ethos or goals.

Discounts are available for small charities (8 employees or less) and individuals whose work specifically includes supporting survivors/victims of sexual violence.

My rates for bespoke workshops are below, not inclusive of any venue hire. Travel expenses outside of London are also payable. Each rate includes up to three hours of personal feedback an coaching via email or Skype.

Standard One Off Session: £250

Standard Day Long Session:  £350

Week Long Retreat: £750 +£82 per person.

Bundle of 5 Skype sessions (includes reading, commenting, coaching): £150-£250 depending on word count.